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This service is ideal for domestic homes and commercial properties that are in need of any exterior decorating.
We offer a fully skilled service and therefore are able to complete any type of job.

For example some of the services we're able to do:

Resin Wood Repair (Read more below...)
Wood Painting
Window/Doors Fasicas
Undercoating & Glossing
Wood Staining
Fungicide Treatment
Dulux Weathershield Painting

For painting jobs, we're able to provide all the paint in whichever colours the customer desires. We will always advise our clients which colours and finishes would work best for their home. We're also able to create a peddle dash effect. Prices for this service vary from other jobs, as we need to source the materials.

Dry Wood Repair

Replacing wood isn't always practical or cost effective, and a lot of the filler alternatives do not last and often require re-doing.
We however offer a Resin Dry Wood Repair option. This uses a 2-part epoxy-resin application which results in a much stronger, durable and more permanent repair than you'd get with a traditional filler.

Additionally, the section of wood that has become rotted or damaged is likely due to that specific area being under more stress than the rest. This can make filler unsuitable which leaves you with only a few alternatives replace or splice the wood both of which are time consuming and expensive methods, or Resin Wood repair which we offer.


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